Global Warming And Its Effects On The Human Species Essay

Global Warming And Its Effects On The Human Species Essay

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For many years we have been hearing about how the world was going to end if we do not clean up our acts and stop causing global warming. In reality, we actually are not harming the planet at all and it is all a hoax in order to help the government raise more money. They say with in an increase in CO2 and the earth’s temperature escalating we are doomed for the world to eventually go down in flames. On the contrary, the multiple unscholarly reports have been used as scare tactics when we actually have little to nothing to worry about.
One of the biggest scams they try to pull off is the fact that CO2 is increasing. The government blames in on the human species. There is actually no proof that humans have increased CO2 production. Scientist always talk about the increase of CO2 being a bad thing when in reality it would actually increase plant growth and increase the rate at which crops are produced. Scientist have found CO2 in the oceans, forest, and other carbon sinks but who is to say that it is human caused? One cannot prove that because there has always been CO2 within the atmosphere. Scientist say that the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere will cause dangerous warming to the earth. A statement that is also false because if there was any human caused global warming it would only amount to less than 10 degrees Celsius. (Redsliverj) An increase of ten degrees Celsius is completely normally and not threatening to the earth at all. In fact, the temperature has not increased in 17 years. (Redsliverj) In that time it has actually been decreasing since 2002. When it was increasing it was only .8 degrees Celsius. (1000frolly) An increase so small that it had hardly any effect on the earth at all. It is impossible to control the ear...

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...cientist that took the survey which makes the survey completely and totally biased. The consensus was rigid in order to favor the government in order to raise money for the politicians. They hid the actual final results of the research in order to cover up how unscholarly it was. Although some of the people on the panels are scientist, most of them are government officials who are known for wanting to raise money at any cost.
Global warming was a scare tactic created by the government in order to enforce grants and programs that would give them money. There is no signs of it actually happening and if it is how can we actually believe what they are saying? There are so many faults in the “scientist” arguments that it does not make it valid research. If it was research the scientist could be proud of than why are they not showing us all the facts involved with it?

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