Global Warming And Its Effects On All Living Things Essay

Global Warming And Its Effects On All Living Things Essay

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Global warming, produced by greenhouse gases has harmful effects on all living things. By affecting the planet in a number of ways, global warming, in turn, affects the human race. Strategies to reduce some harmful effects of greenhouse gases include governments implementing rules, social media promoting “green living,” and teaching children to take care of the planet. Harmful products affect different areas of the planet, like food, water quality, and air quality.

Planet Earth is so big and has places so vast that a person can travel for days without seeing another human. No one would have thought the human race would be a threat to the planet. Earth has been around for billions of years and some people argue that Earth is going to be around for billions more; however, Earth’s destruction is not in question, but the human race, which is at risk of extinction because if humankind is to survive, then the entire global community needs to work towards saving the planet.
“What is a carbon footprint? A carbon footprint is defined as the amount of greenhouse gases emitted related to human activities, and is usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide” (Wilson, 2015, p.4). From the moment a baby is born, he or she is contributing to global warming. The natural biological processes, toys, clothes, and food the newborn will consume is the baby’s carbon footprint. This argument is not about what cannot be controlled but about what can be controlled.
What can be controlled are items like non-biodegradable materials such as disposable diapers. There are many products made of polyurethane, a man-made plastic used in hospitals, the food industry, even in homes in the form of Tupperware and trashcans. Plastics are en...

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...opulation 's health which would save an enormous amount of money. Saving money would be a strong motive for countries to seriously consider alternative energy.
“The world 's most prestigious scientific bodies are in agreement that global warming is caused primarily by human beings and that its effects on our environment and economy will be far-reaching” (Groppe, 2012, para.3). Some countries are starting to do their part by making bigger nature preserves of land, helping to clean the water supply by keeping corporations from using those resources and in parts of the ocean, where commercial fishing is no longer allowed. Unfortunately, most countries are driven by money, thus slowing the changes that need to take place. If every individual on the planet does his or her part, Earth will have a future, and maybe the human race can be saved from destruction.

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