Essay on The Global Warming And Environmental Changes

Essay on The Global Warming And Environmental Changes

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The Global Warming and Environmental Changes, has a controversial issue that has been whether the facts support this as a real issue and that the worlds temperature is in fact warming or one of this being a myth and the planets overall temperatures are not raising any more or less than in any other time in history; therefore, for years this issue had been a scientific theory, nobody cared about except scientists. Since the 1970’s, the scientists discovered the fact that the temperature of the earth’s is increasing, and that the environment will encounter a real problem because of the humans’ activities on the earth. Even in the late 2000s, both of the government sector and the private sector were still ignoring the issue, due to considering only their own benefits and agendas.
These worries sat with governments unaddressed until the beginning years of 2000 when the scientists pushed to the forefront the ignorable tolls that were and are to this day marking our Earth and reforming it, Scientists believe in the worst; in addition, from this perspective, many factors can effect climate change and the planet has a cycle of warming and cooling that has continued throughout history. However, some people argue that the use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas have created excess Co2 in the atmosphere creating a greenhouse effect that has helped to raise temperatures of the planet substantially.
Government and the Scientific Community need to start collaborating to work on the problem. Thus, recently all of the classifications in the world’s community neither they were scientist, politicians, students nor children became more and more interested and aware of the global warming issue, and the clue is that most people became more info...

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... Yes, the Government and Scientist building “green products”, for example, vehicles, silverware, etc…; therefore, Global Warming is not a problem that cannot be solved, but is an issue that governments and average people need to be aware of in order to protect animals and the habitat of planet Earth.
In conclusion, Global Warming is changing our Earth’s temperature drastically; therefore, there are many problems out there that are not being fixed yet and the society and the Government needs to wake up and realize this matter that it is happening now in days and if people don’t do anything right now, than the children of the future will suffer for the mistake. This is a wake-up call to everyone that reading this essay and realize that we are not leaving on a crystal ball that everything is perfect; realize that there are huge issues right now, like the Global Warming.

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