Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming and Climate Change

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Global Warming is a very controversial set words known worldwide. Global Warming is “the recent increase in the world's temperature that is believed to be caused by the increase of certain gases (such as carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere. (Merriam-Webster).” We have all heard the term Climate Change and/or Global Warming, but is it actually happening or is it a hoax?
The phases Global Warming and Climate Change are used by different people and used differently. Global Warming is used by scientifically people and is usually meant as a bad thing, that the earth is changing for the worse. On the contrary, Climate Change is used by the hoax believes on the most part. They use it in the way that the Earth is experiencing change that is normal because the climate will change year by year.
Every day people who do not have research behind their claims are the ones who think it is a hoax. The average person is unable to collect enough reliable information to tell for sure what is correct or not. They listen to politicians or church groups they believe in, those groups’ people also do not know all the facts. The people who believe in Global Warming are those who are scientists or those who hold very powerful positions through our world. Scientists use evidence to support their argument and to show others why they should believe in it. Credibility, persona and authority all connect with the speaker, known as ethos.
Global Warming applies to everyone who is living in our world. Global Warming is something that doesn’t affect just a certain race or gender it’s everyone. We are all helping it or hurting it whether or not we know it. The people who believe in Global Warming say that everyone has connected emotions to it and is quite relatable for humans. On the other hand, the hoax believes are in denial about all the facts and would rather not believe them. The hoax believes will find it much less relatable than the Global Warming believers.
Logos are the main claim and content of the article. The hoax believes say that the climate is always changing and that the temperature is supposed to move up and down from the normal. Also, the Earth is getting warmer due to coming out of a Little Ice Age and humans thrive more in warmer periods than cold. The earth has warmed less than previously thought due to distortions.

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They also feel that liberals are using it to control the freedom of the people by saying there is such a thing as climate change. However, Global Warming believes do believe that it's very real and happening right before our eyes. The global temperature is on a constant rise and global sea level has rose seventeen centimeters in the past decade. Ten of the warmest years ever recorded have occurred in the past twelve years which have been known to cause the Ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland to shrink. The ocean acidity has increased by 30% since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in addition to Carbon Dioxide increasing by two billion tons a year. They also strongly believe that we are coming out of a mini ice age, which is also somewhat believed by the hoax side as well. The believers believe that we are going into a small ice age just as fast as we are coming out of one. Scientists have found that the numbers of sunspots have diminished in the last few years. The year 2013 has been the coldest start of a year in 208 years and cities are recording record lows.
Global Warming has been going on for hundreds of years and has never really gone away. While it has always been around it is recently starting to be much more talked about due to more scientific findings. Scientists are finding many more facts and studies of climate change in the last few years. They seem to believe that the Earth started to hurt during the Industrial Revolution. They think that is true because they have been digging up much more fossil fuels than they ever have causing more Carbon to be emitted into the atmosphere (Carter). The non-believers have argued the argue side every since the start around 1975 even if they do not have facts to back them up.
Climate Change and Global Warming follow the same concept but can be used in many different ways depending who is using them and why they are using them. Global Warming is known throughout the world and impacts everyone. Whether or not you believe it just keep in mind what is good for the Earth.
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