Global Warming: All Cities Covered with Water Essay

Global Warming: All Cities Covered with Water Essay

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Imagine a world where almost all of the major cities are covered by water, and alternating droughts led to water storages, malnutrition and an mass animal extinction. Often, people define "Global Warming" as a change in climate directly or indirectly attributable to human activities altering the atmospheric composition. The climate has always changed. The problem is that in the last century the pace of these changes has accelerated abnormally, to such a degree that they affect planetary life. A closer look at Global Warming will include the controversy surrounding this topic, what cause Global Warming, the actual environmental changes and human attempts to slow it.
The opinions of the people are divided. At one extreme are those who believe that there is no doubt that climate change are caused directly by human. The truth is that many people refuse to accept it and fewer are willing to consider that they have something to do with it. An example of it is that the increasing temperatures started with the industrial revolution. On the other hand some claim that global warming is just a climatic change in the normal cycle of the planet. They argue that climates had and will be always changing. According to Anne Zielske, an environmental science teacher, there is a balance. In her explanation she said, “I believe there was a balance between the greenhouse gases produced naturally by animals breathing out and plants taking in the carbon dioxide and converging it to oxygen through photosynthesis. Now that humans have dug up fossil fuels we are upsetting that balance by adding tons of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, we are reducing the amount of green plants by cutting down forests and developing the land.” ( Zielske)
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