Global Warming : A Threat Of Humanity? Essay

Global Warming : A Threat Of Humanity? Essay

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Global Warming: A Threat to Humanity?
“Preservation of our environment is not a liberal or conservative challenge, it’s common sense,” declared Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States, on the issue of climate science. In an ever--progressive world, where the demand for energy and agriculture is soaring, it remains increasingly difficult to ignore the global effects of climate change on societies. Nevertheless, global warming skeptics abide by the idea that the topic of climate change has become an alarmist approach to environmentalism. Dr. Fred S. Singer, a professor emeritus at the University of Virginia, argues in favor of these global warming skeptics. However, climate change is a human--caused issue that complicates efforts to lower the poverty rate, making it imperative for the government to implement strict greenhouse gas emission cuts.
Rising vulnerability rates is an emerging concept concerning climate science. The poor---both those poverty---stricken and those just narrowly escaping the poverty line---are most susceptible to the impact of climate change. From slum dwellers to industrial laborers, these vulnerable groups will bear the brunt of global warming, especially as its effects become more apparent over time. Global warming critics like Singer adhere to the notion that disbursing large funds to thwart climate change would significantly diminish standards of living, whereas a warming would not. Singer’s skepticism lies within his belief that a “modest warming would increase GNP and raise the standard of living of much of the world’s population.” Conversely, he declares that “expending huge sums to ‘combat climate change’ would slow economic growth and increase poverty” (Thorne). Firstly, the term ‘modest’...

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...gas emissions attributes to the pronounced effects of climate change.
“Some may still deny the overwhelming judgement of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms,” professed president Barack Obama, merely confirming the warnings of many climate scientists. Climate change is an ongoing phenomena that endangers the well--being of present and future generations. The climate is changing in dangerous ways, hindering poverty reduction by influencing more fervent weather. Because poorer societies do not have the adequate financial resources to prepare and adapt to shocks that wealthier societies do, natural disasters pose a graver threat. Singer undermines the harshness of these threats, but until the root problem is effectively fixed, climate change will continue to overwhelm humanity itself.

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