Global Warming : A Fragile Ecosystem Essay

Global Warming : A Fragile Ecosystem Essay

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The environment is a very fragile ecosystem that has been damaged by human civilization and the pollution we provide through everyday activities. This is destroyed the atmosphere and had become known as global warming. The past two years has shown just how serious global warming is and will be in the future, and something needs to be done very soon and attempt to reverse these effects. This essay will discuss the start of the solution to end global warming, and what electing Donald Trump to presidency could mean to these plan.
In the beginning of the 1900’s, and the start of the industrial revolution, environmentalism was hardly a focus for countries. There were no emissions standards set, and no regulation were established about what was good for the environment. This was mainly due to the fact that humanity did not know about the damage the were doing to the environment. It wasn 't until the late 1970’s and early 1980’s that research was done on the environment. Since then, global efforts have been taken to try and prevent this damage from being done to the environment. It wasn 't until the last decade that research has been able to show the long term effects of how humanity has effected the earth. Currently there is a global effort to try and reverse these effects to earth by slowly converting the world into green energy, energy that causes no pollution and does not use non-renewable resources. The first huge step was taken toward this initiative this past spring when president Obama, along with other big world leaders, met in Paris to sign the Paris Agreement. With president-elect Trump soon to be president, there are threats that he intends to undo this agreement. This arises many concerns and questions involving...

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... will flood a majority of coastal cities causing massive migration in land, and leaving trillions of dollars in damage. These facts and predictions were enough to concern almost 200 countries into a simple decision to sign the Paris Agreement.
In conclusion, regardless of what is done with the U.S. and the Paris Agreement in the near future, the political ramifications that president-elect Trump could run into are endless. As long as society has been governed, it has been established that when a environmental crisis develops, the government will help during the time of tragedy and do the best a government can to aid and help reverse the effects of the crisis. With president-elect trump pulling out of the agreement, it would almost be like taking no action toward the crisis and standing aside will the rest of the nations take part in the revolutionary agreement.

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