Global Village and The Online Activism Era Essay

Global Village and The Online Activism Era Essay

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Technology have transformed human lifestyle more rapidly in the last 10 years than ever before, it seems that the more tech savvy we become the faster technology improves (The Center of Technology : 2014). For communication this has been revolutionising. With the invention of the internet we now have created what is known as a ‘global village’ coined by Marshall McLuhan. It explains the idea that the world is considered to be closely connected through online communication thus being interdependent economically socially and politically. This essay will look at how this global village has birthed and era of online activism through cyberspace, blogging and media.
Media organisaiton have predominantly made use of the web as an additional method to deliver versions of their printed copy. This development of traditional news media regarding online media has reformed their production, distribution and reception of their content. These adaptations have transformed news-reading routines and have jeopardised the interpretation of relationships between readers and the media (Sacco, Stanoevska, Giardina: n.d.).

Societies have now become active contributors in the news-gathering and analysis process of media. Blogging, social media, citizens and involved journalism has developed which has created what is known today as user generated news content. New methods, increasingly centered on interactivity and community partnership have become the primary online activities of media channels today (Sacco et al.: n.d).
Contemporary cases of social activism reveal that movement in the way research and reporting are being carried out today. Online petitions accomplish in matter of days what would usually take months or years to achieve.

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