Essay about Global Solutions : A Global Solution

Essay about Global Solutions : A Global Solution

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Company E227 Global Solutions is on the move to go green. Company E227 Global Solutions has already even spoken about going green already. Now it’s time for the Company E227 Global Solutions to get the whole idea of going green implemented. Throughout the years Company E227 Global Solutions has not made any efforts toward reducing the company’s carbon footprint on a global scale. Company E227 Global Solutions want to reduce their company’s carbon footprint by 25%. Therefore I generated three ideas for company E227 Global Solutions to reduce their carbon footprint on a global scale by 25%and go green. One of those strategies is for E227 Global Solutions trucks to reduce their speeds when they are in function. Another strategy is for Company E227 Global Solutions to use solar powered trucks. Last but not least, company E227 Global Solutions needs to obtain aerodynamic trucks.

Reduction of Speed
Company E227 Global Solutions trucks need to reduce their speeds when they are in function. “More likely than not, getting a vehicle from point "A" to point "B" involves combustion of a fossil fuel, a process that emits gasses and affects the environment” (King, J). “The faster any vehicle goes, the more fuel it uses” (Miller, C). The faster a vehicle goes, the more fossil fuel it would emit in the air, which needs to be prevented. And E227 Global Solutions trucks are known to carry large amounts of cargo. “Add several tons of cargo in the trailer, and even more fuel is consumed” (Miller, C). Sometimes our trucks carry even more than several tons of cargo and this is really terrible; I’m talking about nine to eleven tons of cargo while going at a fast speed. Thi...

... middle of paper ...

...r trucking companies” (Miller, Clay).

It is stated that Company E227 Global Solutions global footprint needs to be reduced by 25%. Company E227 Global Solutions is on the mission to go green and with many ways of going green out there it is sure enough this company can reduce their carbon footprint by 25% within the next year. They have already spoken about it as well. Well I have come up with three different strategies for this company E227 Global Solutions to go green. One of those strategies is for E227 Global Solutions trucks to reduce their speeds when they are in function. The other strategy is for Company E227 Global Solutions to use solar powered trucks. And company E227 Global Solutions needs to obtain aerodynamic trucks. Sooner or later, there will probably be no trails of carbon footprint left on the map for Company E227 Global Solutions.

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