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Global Power Dynamic Essay

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During the era of the Cold War, the global power structure was “characterized by strategic bipolarity” (Sorensen 2004: 124). After the disintegration of Soviet Union, the global power structure turned into a unipolar world under the control of the United States. With the development of Germany and Japan, scholars, analysts and observers have predicted a decline in American power and a return to a multi-polar world. Recent years, the BRICs has been considered as a new power in global issue. its rapid and successful development, China has been exposed under the spotlight all the time. The world economic crisis happened in 2007 not only damaged the economy of America but also the international image. We have seen the vulnerability of American economy and the failing role of taking responsibility for the economic crisis. Simultaneously, as a huge economy, China is the only country recovers in the minimum duration. The recovery of China also contributes to the spring back of regional and global economy. After the global economic crisis, China has reduced the distance with America in economy, most importantly; China has built a “powerful” image in the world. Thus this image brings one standpoint that China is becoming another super power in the world; America cannot dictate the whole world any more. Based on this view, the global power structure is emerging “a G2 structure: China and US” (Stelzer 2009). This paper is aiming to analyze this G2 assumption. Is it the real global power structure in the world now? How does the crisis affect the state? Does the world economic crisis only bring power to China? Where will be the next stop of the power structure?

The transformation of the new power
The emerging powerful Ch...

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