Global Poverty : Final Term Paper

Global Poverty : Final Term Paper

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Global Poverty: Final Term Paper
John Arthur, an American professor of philosophy stated: “Is [Richard] Watson correct that all life is of equal value? Did Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King, for example, lead equally valuable lives? Clearly one did far more good, the other far more harm; who would deny that while King fought for people’s rights, Hitler violated them on a massive scale? Nor are moral virtues like courage, kindness, and trustworthiness equally distributed among people. So there are many important sense in which people are not, in fact, morally equal: Some lives are more valuable to others, and some people are just, generous, and courageous, whereas others are unjust and cowardly” (*insert year quote was made).
Is there a moral obligation to assist those who are included in the statistic regarding global poverty? Or are we entitled to our earnings? If you need to put in some type of time and energy to earn wages, then why don’t people do it? All around the world, we have the power to abolish global poverty all together and still have money left over to be “happy” or where we want to be whether financially, physically, and/or emotionally. However, people may feel the need that because it is not a law that we have a duty to give to the less fortunate,they disregard the suggestion; also they feel that since they put in time and labor, then so should everybody else. But what about those who don’t have the same opportunities as their neighbor? Is it true that “all men are created equal”?
Global Poverty is where over 3 billion people are living off less than $2.50 a day, people don’t even have basic necessities to live comfortably or healthy, and also where people die everyday due to lack of those necessities. Many of t...

... middle of paper ... care [essentials] are bad.” Secondly, he states that if we have the power to prevent something bad from happening, we ought to do so “without sacrificing anything of comparable moral importance”. Considering Singer’s example, East Bengal, many people were dying because they lacked the basic essentials which turned them into refugees who had literally nothing. On the government level, no actions were taken and refugees weren’t given enough aid for them to prosper for more than a few days. The neighboring affluent countries expressed that they would take Arthur’s approach, they were more concerned about bettering their countries rather than helping the Bengali citizens. Singer also suggests that the way that other countries need to alter their way of looking at the issue in Bengal, and in fact, everybody should change the way they view the moral conceptual scheme.

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