Global Poverty and Hunger Worldwide Essay

Global Poverty and Hunger Worldwide Essay

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People who earn their living by collecting and sorting garbage and selling them for recycling, Payatas, Manila, Philippines. Increases in the cost of living make poor people less able to afford items. Poor people spend a greater portion of their budgets on food than richer people. As a result, poor households and those near the poverty line be particularly vulnerable to increases in food prices. For example, in late 2007 increases in the price of grains led to food riots in some countries. The World Bank warned that 100 million people were at risk of sinking deeper into poverty, threats to the supply of food may also be caused by drought and the water crisis. Intensive farming often leads to a vicious cycle of exhaustion of soil fertility and decline of agricultural yields. Approximately 40 % of the world’s agricultural land is seriously degraded. In Africa , if current trends of soil degradation continue , the continent may be able to just 25 % of the population to feed by 2025 , according to the United Nations University 's Ghana - based Institute for Natural Resources in Africa . Every year nearly 11 million children living in poverty die before their fifth birthday. 1020000000 people go to bed hungry every night. According to the Global Hunger Index, Sub - Saharan Africa has the highest child malnutrition rate of world’s regions over the period 2001-2006.

Research has found that there is a high risk of educational underachievement for children who are from low - income housing circumstances. It is often a process that begins in primary school for some less fortunate children. Education in the U.S. educational system, as well as in most other countries, is likely to be aimed at students who come from more privileged background...

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...’s relief, but pay a fifth of the total expenditure on the light, accounting for 25 to 30 percent of their income. Indoor air pollution from burning fuels died 2000000, with nearly half of the deaths from pneumonia in children under 5. Bamboo burn fuel more clean and decay much faster than wood, thus reducing deforestation. Furthermore, using solar panels is promoted as a cheaper over the products' lifetime, even in advance cost is higher.
According to experts , many women victims of trafficking , the most common form of which is prostitution, as a means of survival and economic desperation . Deterioration of living conditions can often compel children to school dropped to contribute to the family income, putting them at risk of being exploited. In Zimbabwe, a number of girls turn to have sex in exchange for food to survive because of the increasing poverty

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