Global Population Control and Environmental Policies Essay

Global Population Control and Environmental Policies Essay

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Global population control and environmental policies are the subject of international controversy. The rate at which human beings are populating the earth and polluting it are some of the most important factors that face the global society today. As of March 2009, the world population is about 6.76 billion. With the high rate of population increase, the global population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2040. With the number of people in the world today and the amount of consumer goods being purchased and used, these factors present a problem to the state of the environment in the near future. Over the past 50 years, the world’s population has more than doubled and more than 1 billion of the world’s people do not have enough food to fulfill their needs. The growing population of the world not only presents a problem to many nations of the world, but also to the environment as well.

Throughout the last ten years, the topic of global warming has been a major issue in the world. Many biologists are trying to figure out what exactly is causing the increase in temperature of the earth. Many people believe that it is being caused by the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere from automobiles and factories all around the world, while others simply state that it is a natural process of the earth. Whether it is being triggered by humans or not, the fact is that the people of the world today are purchasing more consumer goods than ever before to fulfill their needs. There are many more cars on the road today than ever before and all of them are spewing harmful chemicals into the air. The rise in the earth’s temperature and the increase of greenhouse gases being released can be quite convincing, but the earth has e...

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...ct their environment isn’t. The rapid advancement in technology over the last 50 years has become so depended on by humans that it may be hard to change the ways we live our lives, but the technology can be changed. There are new developments in new fuel sources for cars and people are starting to learn about the benefits of solar and wind power. People around the world are taking for granted what technology has given us and that needs to change. We can all make some sacrifices so that the world is a cleaner place to live. Everyone who eats three meals a day can sacrifice some food so that those who aren’t so privileged can be nourished. Nobody knows exactly what the sate of the earth will be in the future, only predictions are what we have to gauge from. Hopefully the state of the earth will be stable enough for those who have to live in the generations to come.

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