Global Operations And Supply Chain Management Essays

Global Operations And Supply Chain Management Essays

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Boca Electronics LLC

Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

BUSI 4650U - Case Study #2
Group 3
Shehreen Bhullar - 100456658
Dawn Lewis - 100505272
Yue Wang – 100530930

Executive Summary
The company Boca Electronics LLC is a manufacturer of semiconductor components. Founded in 2002, these company mains products of production are microprocessors, lighting-emitting diodes (LEDs), rectifiers, suppressors. The company has been doing relatively well financially for the past 4 years but, has recently started to face some issues due to an economy slowdown and competition from other competitors within the industry. In addition, the company has inherited a mainframe system from their parent company, which has led to a breakdown in communication amongst departments, increased delivery times and failure to meet large orders in a short timespan (Sanders, p. 87 & 88).
When Boca Electronics forecasts sales, its production requirement would often change after orders have been placed with suppliers. Issues also emerged because of a lack to sync between the suppliers and the firm which caused product prices to be undetermined. The accounting department which is responsible for processing invoices usually has to email managers in other departments this can be time consuming and a waste of human resources to make alterations. The system used by sales department and other departments were not the same, which resulted in, inaccurate data as one department data is updated and others are not. The main issue for these problems were an inadequate information system, which lead to many of Boca Electronics problems. In order to solve the issues faced we will be addressing the trade-offs of implementation of an ERP system versus buy...

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...ctronics productivity and accuracy of orders. The company will be able to retrieve information in actual time data will be received and sent out instantly. Further to that strategic decisions can be made effectively at all levels creating improved performance of the company and its supply chain management team.

Baltzan, P., Detlor, B., & Welsh, C. (2011). Enterprise Computing Challenges. In P. Baltzan, B. Detlor, & C. Welsh, Business Driven Information Systems Third Canadian Edition (pp. 116-121). Canada: Mc-Graw Hill Ryerson.
Robinson, P. (1994, n/a n/a). Best of breed (BOB) versus fully integrated system (FIS) which is best? Retrieved from The Business Performance Improvement Consultancy:
Sanders, N. R. (n.d.). Supply Chain Management: A Global Perspective. John Wiley & Sons 02/2011. Vital Book File.

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