Essay on The Global Of Digital Marketing

Essay on The Global Of Digital Marketing

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With the advent of digital marketing, measuring any kind of marketing should technically be divided into two separate categories. When viewing marketing as one generalized activity, the different generations present often surprising and often unsurprising differences.

The senior citizen category of 2016 doesn’t just consist of the Silent Generation or the older Greatest Generation individuals but now include approximately 25% of the Baby Boomers who have surpassed the magical age of 65 to be included in the senior citizen category. Hence, the distinct lines and attributes between the generations are also blurred (Anderson, 2016), and marketing to the senior citizen category as a whole requires usage of options like A/B campaigns to test what works and manipulating campaigns to target those who are just entering the category as Baby Boomers and those have been senior citizens for well over a decade.

According to Pew Research Center’s data, 74 percent of those in the senior citizen category owned a mobile device. Furthermore, almost 40 percent of them have a social media presence and not only use their social media sites, but are now the “fastest growing groups of social media users” (Bechar, 2015). Instantaneously, it’s easy to suspect that they might be a profitable target market. However, the reasons that senior citizens visit social media sites are for true connecting purposes—keeping up with the family, sharing news, and other activities not associated with a random online purchase. In fact, an independent research study conducted by a financial firm (a category that is very popular with senior citizens, incidentally) surveyed their clients and discovered that 34 percent of them arrived at the firm on account of “word of mout...

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...nce over what their parents purchase. If you appeal to the sense of the children in the digital format they consume on a daily basis, then a brand would most likely increase sales because the children will begin asking for whatever product that piqued their interest.

It remains to be seen how they emerge when Generation Y children enter the working world, but by the time over half of Generation Y has gone through college and have entered the workforce while Generation Y takes over the Baby Boomers, the world might be a very different place. It’s plausible that like the Silent Generation and the Great Generation had to endure, it could be world where there are significant hardships and the luxuries that we enjoy today may be nonexistent. Alternatively, it could also be possible that the generation that follows Y will only recall cars as flying vehicles, too.

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