Essay about Global Justice Movement

Essay about Global Justice Movement

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1. The IMF and the World Trade Organization purpose are to keep countries up and running to serve a purpose of supply and demand. The purpose of the WTO is to ensure global trade commences smoothly, freely, and predictably to help better the countries employment rate, healthcare, and the country’s economy. The IMF makes loans so that countries can maintain the value of their currencies and repay foreign debt. These two organizations contribute to the money shortages that cause global issues such a poverty, civil issues, and unfair trade. The WTO and the IMF are supposed to help stop or possibly end global issues that are affecting everyone’s life
2. The WTO is to ensure global trade commences smoothly, freely, and predictably to help better the country’s economic status. The WTO is giving countries loans knowing the country may already hold a prier debt. The loans that the WTO has certain condition and requirements such as structural adjustment programs from borrowers. The loan comes with instructions to achieve control over their economies. Promoting free market, selling government enterprises, extracting rules that restrict companies, trade liberalization. These strategies that come with the WTO loans are downsizing the countries. Money is being made but not properly being distributed due to the debt of the WTO loan and interest of the WTO loan.
The IMF makes loans so that countries can maintain the values of their currencies and repay foreign debt. The IMF is there to help countries in need as does the WTO; but the IMF is daunting leaders of countries from investing in healthcare. Incidentally, many poor countries provide insufficient health care, which results in increased mortality rates. IMF programs that spend less on pub...

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... due to workplace exposure to dangerous substances that creates health issues. The WTO and the IMF has a large effect in the Middle Eastern but the population isn’t as high as china. China is now just getting involved in the WTO but China is a country where you have to work to survive.
4. The Global justice movement has inspired me even more due to the fact that the human value doesn’t have the value that it once had. Health care, education, and employment seem to be a concern of the past. Seeming battle in settle and reading this packet made me more concern about the world going on around me. It made me get more in researching what means a lot to me and how to go about becoming an activist toward my beliefs. Understanding my own values and becoming an effective citizen through aesthetic engagement made me become a better person by expressing what I believe in.

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