Global Inequality And Poverty Is A Serious Issue For Different Nations Essay

Global Inequality And Poverty Is A Serious Issue For Different Nations Essay

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Prepared by: Saiaf Bareem

Prepared for: Julie Gregory

Algonquin College

Global Inequality and Poverty
It would be correct to say that global inequality and poverty is a serious issue for different nations. There have been cases that rich is becoming more rich and poor poorer. In the presentation, group has been able to make certain relevant questions about global inequality and poverty. It would be an alarming fact to state that half percent of the population controls more than 33 percent of world trade. The group has raised a pertinent question of relationship between inequality and poverty.
I would say that there exist a direct relation between global inequality and poverty. It is rightly said that global inequality creates poverty in three important ways. The three ways as highlighted in the presentation are:
o Discourages political participation of poor people.
o Prevents building and proper functioning institutions.
o Enables the wealthy to refuse / compromise politically or economically.

I would agree with all these reasons and I would like to add that there could not be any short-term solution to address the issue of global inequality and poverty. It is important that government, organizations and society should focus on long-term solutions to this problem. In recent times, the inequality gap between developed and developing countries is on a rise and I believe that this gap would further increase in future. The theory of globalism would also suggest that one the disadvantage of globalization is increase in the inequality levels. With globalization inequality, there is a huge impact on poor sections of the society, which results into povert...

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...s its local problems. For example, USA has to face issue with Afghanistan, India has to face issues with Pakistan and Kashmir (Pain, 2014). Therefore, the leaders and governments of these countries find it difficult to set aside their local problems and focus on global problem of terrorism. The solution to the global problem of terrorism would be more of political in nature. The global organizations like UNO (United Nations Organizations) would also have a critical role to play to reach a common solution to this serious threat of global terrorism.

Deudney, D. (2014). The case against linking environmental degradation and national security. Green Planet Blues: Critical Perspectives on Global Environmental Politics, 273.
Pain, R. (2014). Everyday terrorism Connecting domestic violence and global terrorism. Progress in Human Geography, 38(4), 531-550.

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