Global Healthcare Issues And The Health Care Industry Essay

Global Healthcare Issues And The Health Care Industry Essay

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Global healthcare issues are defined as areas that can be improved by research and the dedication of the research, taking the responsibility and leadership in order to analyze and find better outcomes for a better heather system and revolution. The world has and will continue to face challenges within the health care industry and with contributions that associated with the health care industry.

Many of the global issues that many of us face and issues that have impacts with the health care industry today are defined as some of the following:
• The number of people that are still uninsured and/or paying penalties due to not being able to afford to pay for health care insurance
• Funding, as well as the cost for healthcare services to be provided to individuals
• Government funding is being cut
• Employer contributions for health insurance for employees is being cut and the employee is more less likely to be paying higher premiums and/or deductibles
• Communicable diseases are rising each year
• Millions of people living with diseases that are not credible
• Pharmaceutical prices are rising
• Lack of training/education
• Nations Poverty level(s)
• Improving healthcare practices overall
These issues are only a few out of many, many of these have a higher impact than others, but are still important on to whether or not to research and analyze on how to make the health care industry a better system. Some issues hinder on each other and shall be resolved prior to creating better outcomes for other issues. Health care is a revolving door and takes impact on each of us in many ways, the most important factor and focus in the financial aspects and burdens that it creates, in which all of these issues have a high capacity impact on the U....

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...e job offer they are expected to take a drug test and pass, so why are people that are obtaining assistance from the government not required to, many of times the only income they have coming in is from the government. (It’s very common in my community that the government is the only income coming in)

In conclusion global healthcare issues are repetitive and are a hamper in many areas that could be improved by efficient research and the dedication of the research, taking the responsibility and leadership in order to analyze and find better outcomes for a better heather system and revolution. The world has and will continue to face revolution challenges within the health care industry and with contributions that are associated within the health care industry. Our world will continue to scarify if changes are not made to better accommodate and approach issues at hand.

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