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Global Health : Global Healthcare Essay

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Global Health
Global health awareness generates a wealth of knowledge, more importantly; it leads to action that is vital to all countries. In addition, global health care awareness outcomes create a course of action and development of many programs, also health services delivery. Global health should be interpreted as an attitude. It is a way of viewing the world. This paper will give insight on global health from articles reviewed from The New England Journal of Medicine. These articles include reviews on governance challenges, global supply of health care professionals, and global health systems in relation to low and middle income.
Governance Challenges
Article Overview
Governance challenges in global health article addresses a well develop argument for a synchronized universal answer to an assortment of health care problems that have an effect on people worldwide (Frenk & Moon, 2013). A workable health care frame work can decrease governance challenges.
Impact. A governance challenge carries a heavy impact on the functionality of the global health system. The first function is the production of international public goods, particularly knowledge- related goods (Frenk & Moon, 2013). Second function is the management of the benefit that affects any party who did not choose to acquire the benefit to prevent the negative health care effects. Third function is the mobilization of global unity, which has been the main focus of long-established approaches to global health care (Frenk & Moon, 2013). Lastly is the management of finances and/or affairs, which provides strategic path to the global health care system so that all functions are operable (Frenk & Moon, 2013).
Affected. There are many affected types of ac...

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...utions, a precisely coordinated action between the public and private health care sectors, and the munificent aid of the worldwide community at initiatives of each country (Van Olmen et al., 2012).
Global health study is essential to eliminate a variety of social, cultural, and logistical bottle necks that mystify the good intentioned hard work of many global health care programs. Consequently, we must focus on issues raised by emergent countries, not only closing the gap in health care disparities within countries, but also closing the gap in awareness between the emergent countries and develop. In addition, when research is conducted we must be aware of the culture of a fastidious community. As global health continues to become a vital part of our life, challenges will arise; however, this leaves plenty of potential to make very important contributions.

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