Global Footprint And Its Impact On The Environment Essay

Global Footprint And Its Impact On The Environment Essay

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If everyone lived like me, we will need 2.2 Planet Earths to provide enough resources, as we can see below. An average person living in Ontario needs 3.58 Planet Earths.
I am really surprised with the result of my ecological footprint because I had no idea how my habits consume so many natural resources. Besides I cultivate some green habits as living in a house which has switched all the lights to fluorescent bulbs in order to reduce carbon dioxide pollution, unplugging my devices when they are not using to save energy and washing my dishes by hand instead using the dishwasher to save water and energy, this actions aren’t not enough to have a good footprint and I have so many things to do to improve it. Here are three actions that you could take to reduce my ecological footprint.
First of all, in Brazil I used to travel by car every day and now living in Canada I have the opportunity to strongly reduce the distance I current travel by car. This action has a significant impact in our environment. According Global Footprint Network (n.d), “If every person living in Ontario reduced the distance that he/she travels by car by half, we would reduce our Footprint by 27,774 global hectares. That is equivalent to 38,899 soccer fields” (para 5, footprint calculator section).
In addition, I need to reduce the amount of animal-products I current eat and replace it by meat-free meals. “If every person living in Ontario reduced the amount of animal-products that he/she eats by half, we would reduce our Footprint by 5,600 global hectares. That is equivalent to 7,843 soccer fields” (Global Footprint Network , n.d, para 5, footprint calculator section).
Finally, the last action to reduce the environmental footprint is take a local vacation inste...

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...novation and technology to try to find some substitute natural capital.
In addition, some countries are leading projects to work on strong sustainability. According to An oak tree in the garden, ‘Bolivia, for example, led by indigenous President Evo Morales, recently passed a Law for Mother Earth, effectively affirming the rights of nature “to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions and its processes in evolution.” Implicit in these rights is the idea that the Earth is a living, self-organizing entity that has rights equal to or greater than human beings, who are just one species in the whole community of life’.
Although Bolivia still vigorously required in asset extraction, it involves a huge movement in qualities and monetary needs where human and non-human thriving is recognized as the genuine objective of financial action.

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