Essay on The Global Fight Against Dementia

Essay on The Global Fight Against Dementia

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In the article “The Global Fight Against Dementia” by Yves Joanette, Etienne C. Hirsch and Michel Goldman reported the big countries movement around the world to fight against dementia. The purpose of writing this article is to show the increase of dementia patients and how dementia become a global issue needs to contain. The authors are experts in the health field and occupy high positions in health related facilities. The editorial addresses the outcomes of the G8 countries (governments’ forum of leading advanced economies in the world) summits to solve dementia issue. The authors’ goal is to publicize the knowledge about dementia diseases and the global movement about that.

The authors have identified dementia and how it happens by giving brief definitions citied from reliable sources. Also, showed a decent percentage of the elders with dementia in the world and states how these numbers will increase gradually in the future. The life expectancy of human is increased due to a decline in infectious diseases which lead to that aging and dementia has a direct relation. The world health organization acknowledged that dementia is a global public health priority in 2012 and the launching of Global Action Against Dementia (GAAD) by the G8 countries was in 2013. The G8 countries agreed to hold three Legacy events in 2014 to give different components of the five priority areas in solving dementia issue which are the integrated development, financial innovations and incentives, open science and data, care of patients with dementia, and dementia risk reduction.

The financial and social solutions to enhance innovation were the addressed discussions at the first summit for GAAD. The discussions were about the barriers to investment i...

... middle of paper ...

... specialist facilities for senior people with dementia or Alzheimer. It will be good if the council referred to the United States experience on how to deal with the caring of the elderly through the Medicaid program which responsible for covering the expenses for seniors with dementia (Medicaid, n.d.). United States is the most country has nursing homes for elders.

In general the article has valuable information and facts on the dementia issue. the authors are professionals in the field of elders and dementia due to their positions and experiences . The evidence that authors give are from reliable sources. There are many implemented solutions for elders with dementia in several countries which not mentioned in the article. The thing which give the article more credibility are the authors involvement in Global Action Against Dementia (GAAD) and the Legacy events.

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