Global Epidemic Concern : Obesity Essay

Global Epidemic Concern : Obesity Essay

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Global Epidemic Concern: Obesity
For past decades, the growth of obesity has tremendously rose. In the article, The Global Epidemic of Obesity, it was stated that, “[b]y the year 2000, the human race reached a sort of historical landmark, […] the number of adults with excess weight surpassed the number of those who were underweight” (Caballero). However, even with this stunning statistics, people still did not pay attention to obesity. According to Obesity Stigma: Important Considerations for Public Health, people never recognized obesity as a health problem, and instead blamed the obese people for not being able to maintain their weight and health (Puhl and Heuer 1019). This has caused nothing to obesity but to perpetuate it. In fact, majority of the human population are either overweight or obese. The recent findings in F as in Fat: Obesity Threatens America’s Future entry mentioned that in the United States, the adult obesity rates for adults reach or exceeds 44 percent for each state, while it is 60 percent in 13 states (Levi et al 3). Over the past five years, even at a slower pace, obesity still has spread further (“OBESITY Update”). If the people from the public health, public policy and urban planning and development sections come together to address obesity, then for sure, the growth rate of obesity will decrease and prevention to these epidemic can be established permanently. It is very important to recognize that even though obesity is non-pathogenic, it is an epidemic that should addressed through health policy, public policy and urban planning and development policy, so that it can be firmly reduced and prevented.
First, in order to address the issue of obesity, one needs to understand what it is. “Obesity is define...

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...anaged to reduce hunger without shifting over into obesity” (Mercola).
Along with the increase in the consumption of unhealthy food, is the increase in payment for the healthcare of obese people. In 2005, U.S. spent approximately 190 billion dollars just on obesity-related health care expenses alone. During that time, the estimated amount was double the amount of the previous estimates (“Economic Costs”). Several investigators have compared the cost of obesity on an individual level. It was found that, compared to an individual of normal weight, obese people are spending 42 percent higher on medical care expenses (“Economic Costs”). This just shows how obesity affects an individual, in terms of their financial situation. If those people were able to prevent obesity, right from the start, the money spent on their medical expenses could have been saved for future use.

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