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In The Development of Environmental Regimes: Chemicals, Wastes, and Climate Change, the authors provide a simple framework to analyze the development of global environmental regimes (GER) which ultimately addresses why states sometimes agree to cooperate on global environmental issues despite divergent interests. The chapter is divided into five subsections but begins with an introduction to explain the five processes involved in the development of GERs. The authors address questions such as who forms GERs and how are they formulated. Next, they apply the processes involved in the development of GERs to four case studies that are linked to global environmental issues: ozone depletion, hazardous waste, toxic chemicals, and climate change, respectively. The authors conclude that states and non-state actors can come together to address global environmental issues but not without obstacles.
This paper is divided into three parts and underlines the key information provided in the respective chapter related to the development of environmental regimes. First, it introduces and summarizes the processes involved in the development of GERs. Second, it briefly illustrates these processes to two case studies provided by the authors; ozone depletion and climate change. Finally, the paper ends with a brief personal reaction, also based on readings from Conca and Debelko’s Institutions of Global Environmental Governance, to add perspective to the final analysis.
Part I: The Developmental Processes
The development of environmental regimes involves a five-fold process. The first process is the agenda setting and issue definition stage, which identifies and brings attention to an issue to the international community. Secon...

... middle of paper ...

...urgency that will eventually compel developed and developing nations closer to an agreement. In the US, climate change is becoming a staple topic for upcoming campaigns and even the US military and intelligence agencies are using climate change as a standard for measuring the durability and sensitivity of states. As the stakes rise, so does the sense of urgency and inevitability of international coordination and cooperation.

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Conca, K., & Dabelko, G. D. (2010). Institutions of Global Environmental Governance. In K. Conca, & G. D. Dabelko, Green Planet Blues (pp. 117-124). Boulder: Westview Press

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