The Global Distribution Of Potato Essay

The Global Distribution Of Potato Essay

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The global distribution of potato may be investigated by crop distribution data available at the countries levels through various databases of agricultural organizations. The main potato-producing and distributing countries are Russia, Poland, China, Germany, the United States, India and U.K. One could say that the potato is a nontraded crop which is produced, processed, traded and consumed mostly locally and which is less affected by international price adjustments. Others assume a single world market for the potato, which is characterized by perfect price transmission and in which all country level prices are determined by a single world market price. Nevertheless, a profound examination and thorough research are essential for the obtainment of a global perspective on international potato trade. The investigation outcome often suggests that the potato is an internationally traded crop with moderate degrees of international price transmission (Kleinwechter and Suarez).
A combination of trade data provided by the FAOSTAT trade database with the COMTRADE database was used in order to understand the framework of global potato trade. The researches Ulrich Kleinwechter and Victor Suarez applied country level averages of exports and imports of each country for the years 2005-2009. The map they came up with illustrates the existence and direction of trade links between each pair of countries in the world for trade in fresh potatoes (Graph 1). One of the outcomes of the investigation is a revelation of strong concentration of trade connections in Europe and between Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, which represents one of the “hotspots of international trade” in fresh potatoes. Moreover, European exports tend to supply with p...

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...o put an end to “Terminator.” The governments’ efforts to “safe” “Terminator” can be explained by the motivation of power and greed at the expense of people, the environment and poverty reduction (“Disown Patent”).
The ties on the graph 1 are illustrating the existence and direction of trade links between pairs of respondent countries, making up the bilateral trade matrices based on the value of the trade flows between any pair of countries. They are converted into adjacency matrices, setting each entry to 1 if a trade flow between a pair of countries exist and to 0 otherwise. A threshold is introduced such that a tie is drawn between two nodes if the average value of imports or exports exceeded $100,000 during the period of 2005-2009. The names of the respondent countries are abbreviated into three letters and situated accordingly to their location on the world map:

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