Essay on The Global Connectedness Of The Twenty First Century

Essay on The Global Connectedness Of The Twenty First Century

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The global connectedness of the twenty first century means that everything in the world is interrelated. Globalisation and mass migration means that Australia is a culturally diverse place. Australia is also enriched with Indigenous Australian culture. Therefore, Australia is unique, diverse and constantly growing. This means that our schools are also dynamic, complex and culturally diverse. In addition, the role of a teacher is complex. Complex due to the fact that teaching involves many different elements. It has been widely recognized that ‘effective teaching involves planning’ (Clarke & Pittaway, 2014). Teachers therefore, are planners. They decide what they will teach and how it will be taught. Educational planning is an essential element within the roles and responsibilities of a teacher. The three lesson plans provided have been designed in a way to promote the unit of study (The Ancient World, Depth Study 2: Ancient Egypt) and have been designed to match syllabus outcomes to concepts and learning activities. The three sequential lesson plans aim to stimulate students’ interest in history and incorporates student centered learning in all three lessons to allow students to direct themselves and work collaboratively with their peers. This allows students to be actively engaged in each lesson and allows them to take control of their learning; putting students in the middle of the learning process.
The lesson plans take into consideration the diverse nature of the Australian school context and cater for a wide range of student abilities. The content and activities of the lessons are structured in a way to ensure all students are supported and students are able to access content and actively participate during lessons. The thr...

... middle of paper ...

... maximize learning for all students and accommodating for diversities and differences. The universal design for learning therefore enables quality teaching and learning to occur which is a fundamental element for student success (Tegmark & Gravel, 2011).

Lesson planning is the ‘every day’ professional responsibility of a teacher and lesson plans therefore act as a guide for teachers to take students on a learning journey. However, “being a professional also entails making the most of the unexpected” and so, through the creation and design of these three classroom ready lesson plans, along with critical reflection, I have further developed my understanding of what it means to be a teacher and the importance of being flexible and able to adapt, particularly within the diverse and complex nature of a classroom environment (Benson & Nunan, 2005; Bailey & Nunan, 1996).

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