The Global Climate Crisis Should Pay A Visit At The Arctic Essay example

The Global Climate Crisis Should Pay A Visit At The Arctic Essay example

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“Those searching for unmistakable evidence of the global climate crisis should pay a visit to the Arctic. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. The average annual temperature in Barrow, at the northern-most tip of Alaska, has increased 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit in the last 50 years” (Noblin, n.d.). Polar bears have been threatened in the past by unregulated commercial and sports hunting in the 1960’s and 1970’s. They were being wiped out quickly with modern methods of hunting, including aircraft, and were facing a huge loss in their population. Fortunately the 1973 Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears was established which was signed by Canada, Norway, Denmark (for Greenland), the United States of America, and Russia to help conserve the Polar bears population (PolarBearsInternational, n.d.). This was the first time that an action was taken to help conserve the Polar bears population, and remains to this day to be a strong environmental agreement (PolarBearsInternational, n.d.). Unfortunately after facing one threat they have a new one that took its place, which is their disappearing habitat. Polar bears are slowly but surely losing their habitat, along with their source of food, which can be devastating to them as a species.
Polar bears reside in the Arctic, which is a massive frozen sea surrounded by continents. Due to rising temperatures in the Arctic the ice has begun to retreat, limiting the Polar bears habitat. With the ice retreating, they not only have a habitat that is gradually shrinking but the gap between the ice and the surrounding land gets bigger (NWF, n.d.). As their habitat slowly declines, so does their population. There are already a number of things that can affect the population o...

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...ed, but if we were to stabilize emissions, then that number would go down to approximately a 50 percent chance (Atkin, 2015). This is not a full solution, but it is a great start to one, and will give us more time to produce a better one.
In conclusion, letting Polar bears habitat disappear is not an option. We are facing a huge crisis due to a change in climate and the melting of the ice in the Arctic. If we continue to allow emissions of greenhouses gases Polar bears will face extinction within the next century. Luckily there is still hope for them if we combine our efforts nationally to reduce our carbon footprint. Small changes that lead to a greener lifestyle made by everyone is the start of saving the Polar bears. If we can all raise awareness, take action, and live a greener lifestyle, we may be able to share the Earth with Polar bears for many years to come.

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