Essay Global Climate Change : Carbon Pollution

Essay Global Climate Change : Carbon Pollution

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In June 2013, President Obama outlined the Climate Action Plan — the steps his Administration would take to cut carbon pollution, help prepare the United States for the impacts of climate change, and continue to lead international efforts to address global climate change. For the sake of our children and future generations, we must act now (Climate Change, 2). According to the EPA the current policy of the Unites States of America is to cut down carbon pollution by reducing carbon pollution from power plants and accelerating clean energy leadership. In June 2014, EPA released the Clean Power Plan — the first-ever carbon pollution standards for existing power plants that will protect the health of our children and put our nation on the path toward a 30 percent reduction in carbon pollution from the power sector by 2030. In addition, the Plan will lead to climate and health benefits worth an estimated $55 billion to $93 billion per year in 2030 and will cut pollution that leads to soot and smog by over 25 percent in 2030 (Climate Change, 6). President Obama has come up with a new way to help build “clean energy infrastructure”. The Obama administration has proposed the toughest fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles in U.S. history, requiring an average performance equivalent of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. The Administration has also finalized the first-ever fuel economy standards for commercial trucks, vans, and buses for model years 2014-2018. These standards are projected to save over 500 million barrels of oil and save vehicle owners and operators an estimated $50 billion in fuel cost (Climate Change, 11).
The Government has brought about this changes because they are much needed due to the fact that if nothing gets d...

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...Copenhagen, the United States promised $1 billion over 3 years to reduce deforestation. This short-term financing shows leadership by the United States and must be followed up with long-term financing and climate legislation (The Union of Concerned Scientists, 13).
The United States must pass strong domestic legislation that addresses mitigation, adaptation, technology, and financing—the necessary pillars for addressing climate change on an international level. Furthermore, members of Congress and their staff should continue to engage substantively in the negotiations process as they did by attending UNFCCC meetings such as the Conference of Parties in Copenhagen. Both the international negotiations and the U.S. domestic process are reaching a critical point, and Congress can play a key role in achieving success on both fronts (The Union of Concerned Scientists, 15).

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