The Global City Of The Urban City Essay

The Global City Of The Urban City Essay

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The thesis of 'the global city ' is fundamental to understand the global dynamics that have transformed the cities in the last decades. The global city refers to the linkages of cities within the context of a global economic market. There are different key aspects of the urban geography that can indicate this interdependence among global cities as, for example, the expansion of the APS or the growth of TCN in the CBD , the places are considered highly influential in the global cities due to the digital infrastructure (Sassen, 2005, pp.28-40).
Whether the local urban policies should adapt or not to the global city model is one frequent question in the academic debate because the global city has negatively impact on the increase of social polarization as a result of the new economics dynamics of globalization (Friedmann, 1986; Sassen, 2005, pp.31).
The City Councils ought to pursue the global cities status and guarantee the creation of policies to address potential social issues resulted from the impact of global city model in the urban geography. The following essay introduces two possible arguments in support of statement constructed on the academic literature and the empirical case of studies based on Sydney or Beijing.
Why is necessary that city governments achieve a global city status? One argument supporting this statement is that the imminent apparition of the globalization in cities is requiring a rapid adaptation of urban policies to the global dynamics and global market. Thus, otherwise, there are not choice for city planners other than to adapt to the global city system.
The geographers argue that cities had suffered a transformation with the apparition of globalization (Newman & Thornley, pp.02; Da Cunha, et al.,...

... middle of paper ...

...ntioned in support of the City Government to chase the status of the global city is the significant influence of global cities in the financial market. The researchers have demonstrated that incorporating the APS services in influential places can be one strategy of City Councils. Moreover, the statement has been exemplified with cases as the CBD of Sydney or Technological Park such as the Chinese “Silicon Valley” in Beijing.
More research on social policies is needed for City Councils that follow the global city status to avoid the aggravation of social disparities among the urban residents. The Sydney 's analysis has indicated that the rise of in tax and housing price as a result of the global city (Daly et al.,2000, pp. 184) and, in order to avoid the population displacement due to housing affordability, social strategies should be included in the urban policies.

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