Global Business Strategy Of Saudi Arabia Essay

Global Business Strategy Of Saudi Arabia Essay

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Expanding the organization across the geographical borders is a challenging task for managers (Yaprak, Shichun &Cavusgil, 2011). Expanding to the global market challenges manager capability to handle the international operations effectively and efficiently. Managers required coordinating multiple international teams from several different locations around the global. Essentially, managers need to balance the business operation with market expectations upon the domestic customer demand. An organization must acquire unique resources that create value for customers and gain the position of competitive advantage.
The global strategy offers a comprehensible insight on the effect of globalization and competitive advantages of the business management (Yaprak et al., 2011). Managers of the global market develop intensive international models that remove strains from multinational networks of subsidiaries. The company must take into consideration the multi-domestic and global nature of managing an international business. This report discusses the implementation of global business strategy in Saudi Arabia.
Implementing Global Strategy
Organization leaders must primary achieve success in their local market before going globally. Global strategy implementation needs to support the organizational structures and processes. A successful company modifies the local territory before reaching out internationally (Fernandes, 2014). The global expansion should proceed in a logical and controlled progression.
The creativeness and innovational strategy enhance market performance. Firm 's creativity is a global marketing strategy that influences organization 's strategic performance. Innovation reflects firm 's ability to generate i...

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...SS 's strategy promote Saudi Arabia information protection with secure and resilient information communications technology infrastructures.
The implementation of the global strategy is necessary for expanding a successful business. Company expands their operation to the international market to attract interested consumer outside of local domestic markets. A carefully designed international strategy enhance firm of distributing of value adding product to the global market. A company must be creative in formulating the global strategy. The global strategy must analyze the foreign strength and weakness before implementing the strategy. A company needs to determine the resources improvement in the target intentional market. A successful company designs a flexible strategy that follows the rules and regulation of the foreign market.


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