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The Global Agewatch Index Essay

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The Global AgeWatch Index has been developed and constructed by HelpAge International from international data sets drawn from varieties of international institutions, such as the World Bank, World Health Organization and United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. “The world population is ageing” (Global AgeWatch Index 2015 Insight report, p. 5). Data of ageing is needed for the governments to develop policies, and the policy makers are trying to establish feasible solutions to solve the increasingly serious ageing problem in many countries. However the current situation is that there are no existing index indicating how governments did in older people’s wellbeing and ageing problem. The purpose of the Global AgeWatch is to improve the policy of ageing population by measuring the quality of ageing people’s lives. The index defines older people’s wellbeing from four aspects, which are income status, health status, capability, and enabling environment.

“Older people consistently identify sufficient income, good health and the ability to participate in society as central to their wellbeing” (Global AgeWatch Index 2015 Insight report, p. 26). The main methodology of the index is the collection of international data sources in 13 indicators. There are four domains to measure older people’s Income security, which are Pension income coverage, Poverty rate in old age, Relative welfare of older people and GDP per capita. Financial status is a critical factor of assessing the quality of life and pension system plays an essential role in the income of older people. Therefore, the Pension coverage and Poverty rate in old age are used in this index to indicate the economic situation of older people in one country. Meanwhile, t...

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...on for the health of the older people. Lonely old people become less socially active, reduce the communication with friends and reduce the concern of the society. Meanwhile, loneliness leads unresponsive among older people, for example lonely older people may response slowly to their healthy problem. In the domain of Health, Life expectancy at 60 and Healthy life expectancy at 60 focus on the health level of countries, and Relative psychological/mental wellbeing is about how meaningful the old people think their lives are. The domain need the indicator of loneliness to measure how many older people are in a dangerous mental unhealthy situation. If there is a high proportion of older people who feel lonely in one country, the country might have problems in offering a good policy of older people’s wellbeing. The data can be collected by questionnaire or interviewing.

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