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Individuality is something we all strive for, so how is it that sometimes being different is regarded as a bad thing? Nowadays the society goes through a great deal of trouble to make sure that they do not resemble, dress or even speak alike someone else. Most of mankind accept and respect people who try so hard to be different. What about the people who don’t try to act different but who are merely born different, why does society regard them as abnormal? People suffering from mental and/or physical handicaps are always looked upon as being different in an awful way. Individuals should all be treated the same and have the right to human dignity. We are all the same and we all have our flaws and imperfections. Just because some people are not like us does not mean we should exclude them from our world.
Mankind gets caught up on some little unimportant imperfections that they have. What we do not realize is that in the end, we are all the same. The fact that someone has a lisp, a limp or even a mental defect should not matter because it is just a mask that harbours our true selves. As a responsible society we have to accept that there are certain people who are less fortunate then others and who have to deal with their disability. Inabilities are what make people unique, therefore we have to stop judging and discriminating against people who are involuntarily different. A handicap does not change how nice a person can be. As the book Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes, demonstrates Thelma, an aged woman, is described as a large-boned, handsome woman with a large wine-colored birthmark that covers the left side of her face. Thelma is obviously embarrassed about her birthmark but she does not let it take over her life. “I notic...

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...lities. She was tired of always being laughed at and not being included in regular activities. Sometimes our words and actions are more powerful then we think.
Clearly, not giving everyone a chance to human dignity will lead to further and more severe social problems. We all expect to be treated with respect and dignity so why not show the example and start a movement towards global acceptance. Being born different is not a horrible thing, it is simply part of nature. Yet, by all trying to differentiate ourselves from one another, we all end up being the same thing… not ourselves. We can save so many lives by merely accepting and understanding our differences. Including disabled people in our everyday life, would ultimately alter our perspective on them. Nobody was intended to be perfect, so why do we expect a person to be something that is impossible to attain?

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