Glass Is Heard From The Bathroom As You Know Like A Food Truck

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The clinking of glass is heard from the bathroom as I see Krizia walk over to the couch with several bottles of nail polish. Today, Krizia has a little extra pep in her step since she’ll be traveling to visit family and is painting her nails from designs inspired from images found on Pinterest. She sits down with an inspired appearance on her face, ready to do her nails before she goes on vacation to Puerto Rico and says “The first thing I’ll do when I get there is eat something from a truck, you know like a food truck.” On the surface, Krizia appears to be your average Hispanic woman with curly hair, brown eyes, and full lips, but beneath the surface is somebody that has had to live with a great deal of loss in her brief life. These situations include her biological father leaving when she was a child, her step-father, whom she considers her “real” father dying from cancer, and her mother’s next husband subsequently dying from cancer as well. The first thought that came to mind when Krizia was asked concerning her biological dad, Juan, she said “I don’t know, he’s like a stranger. I couldn’t even tell you what his birthday is” with a disinterested expression on her face as she opened up a nail polish bottle. Krizia then said “I remember being on my father’s friend’s boat for a kid’s birthday party and my dad’s girlfriend was there” and “I cannot remember if it was before or after my parent’s got a divorce.” Krizia’s mother divorced him when she was young and he was not involved in her upbringing. She has trouble remembering her last memory of Juan and pauses, and subsequently recalls a distant memory and said “he came over to Florida to visit my brother.” On the exterior, she seems to be harboring resentment for him, however Kr... ... middle of paper ... ...her eyes. Krizia says “Although I may not be there all the time, since moving, I talk to mom several times a week and video call her every weekend when my brother and sister visit my mom.” After all this loss, some how Krizia has a positive outlook on life. If she were a weaker person, who knows what would have happened. “I have pretty much no choice but to go on,” she then started to weep, “I’m just thinking about memories about my father in Arizona.” Krizia then took a deep breath and said “There’s no point in not being positive, you never know what’s going to happen, so why not try to be at your best.” She seems to have a positive outlook on life and is aware that everything can be taken away at any moment and just remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel and sunshine at the end of a storm. You just have to be strong enough to get to the other side.

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