The Glass Ceiling Of The United States Workforce Essay

The Glass Ceiling Of The United States Workforce Essay

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Over the course of the last one hundred years many changes have occurred within the realm of the United States workforce. Many of these changes have to do with bringing more diversity into the workforce. Specifically, one work group that has changed tremendously, in the eyes of the business world and the public, is women. Now, more than ever, women are a big part of the workforce due to changes in public opinion and laws that have been established to protect women from being discriminated against. According to Kranc, nearly fifty percent of the S&P One Hundred Companies have women in the highest levels of executive leadership. This may be a drastic change from twenty years ago, but there is still much work to do in bringing equality to women in the workforce. (Kranc, 2014) The glass ceiling is a term that was coined in the nineteen eighties that refers to many of the challenges that still exist for women in the workforce. Specifically, it’s the thought that woman tend to have a lesser chance of reaching the top of an organization’s leadership team than what a male would. (Pai & Vaidya, 2006) However, to generalize all the companies based on widespread data is not fair when speaking about individual companies. Some organizations have fully embraced a diversified workforce and pride themselves on the additional benefits that follow when conducting business without discriminatory biases.
One company that has done a great job of not allowing traditional norms to impact its workforce is Nordstrom. In fact, Nordstrom has done such a good job of making its work environment compatible for women to succeed it has been named by Fortune Magazine as one of the ten best companies for women. (Fortune, 2015) The organization has fostered their...

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... employ a third party to investigate. In turn, this would show employees that the organization is highly motivated in making fair decisions related to the topic of discrimination.
Some organizations take the topic of diversity seriously while others position themselves to be in tough situation due to their mal practice when dealing with employees that fall within protected groups. The future for women, with regards to discrimination, is looking bright. Tremendous cultural changes have resulted in more women in the workforce, women getting paid more, and women receiving promotional opportunities. However, the work that has been performed has not changed the course for all women. Through various practices and awareness, organization can better position themselves to be lawfully compliant and aid in the fight against the glass ceiling and gender inequality.

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