The Glass Castle By Ronald Reagan Essay

The Glass Castle By Ronald Reagan Essay

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“When Dad went crazy, we all had our own ways of shutting down and closing off…” (Walls 115).In Jeannette Walls memoir, The Glass Castle, Walls enlightens the reader on what it’s like to grow up with a parent who is dependent on alcohol, Rex Walls, Jeannette’s father, was an alcoholic. Psychologically, having a parent who abuses alcohol is the worst thing for a child. The psychological state of these children can get of poorer quality as they grow up. Leaving the child with psychiatric disorders in the future and or being an alcoholic as well.
Ronald Reagan, our 40th president, although successfully gained a political occupation, he was considerably impacted in his life by his dad who was an alcoholic. Although in the future becoming president was a remarkable flourishing goal for him to reach, the certain acts during his presidency showed how, his father being an alcoholic messed with him psychologically. As Robert E. Gilbert had stated in the article “Ronald Reagan’s Presidency: The Impact of an Alcoholic Parent.” “Alcoholic parents leave deep marks on their children’s lives (Ronald, Gilbert).Reagan demonstrated these “deep marks” by being very secluded and remote when he was president. He seemed to be a disconnected leader and a problem he had was his loyalty. Another sign he showed was the fact that he yearned for people’s applause and approval. All of these are factors showing, that he was affected psychologically by his father being an alcoholic.
Other than Ronald Reagan, there are many other who have suffered psychologically with having a parent who abused alcohol. There is a total of “970000 children(Children, Lambie-Sias)” under the age of 17 in the U.S. that are living with a parent or guardian who abuses alcohol.The gua...

... middle of paper ... (Woods 24) in the COA. What she believes is their sense of familiarity or their security blanket. This gives the understanding
In the end, psychologically children of alcoholics do not have it easy when it comes to their psychological state after living with an alcohol abuse for the amount of time that they do. They may not show and we may not see it but it’s still a major problem all across the nation. The guardian and/or parent of these children don’t see that their problem is hurting their child mentally and how it is going to hurt them for the future. By not stopping their problem doesn’t only hurt them but it hurts others and mess with them mentally. They do not realize the psychological control they on not just themselves but their children, and how it is possible for it to lead to a downward spiral of future for both the parent or guardian and the child.

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