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You’re a gladiator in Rome in 72BCE. You fight with little to no protection with someone in the same place as you to the death for roman entertainment. “Gladiator games started off as a form of celebration at important funerals. It was believed that the killing of a gladiator would keep away the evil spirits and please the gods.” In the games animals were also brought in to fight.

“Dozens of humans and animals faced off against one another in the arena. They were part of an animal hunt called the venation.” You are rarely speared when fighting a murmillo. That same night Spartacus recruits you for his revolting army. Wanting to die in battle instead of for entertainment you agree. You do have some chance; gladiators were some of the strongest warriors. The colossem was built in 70-80 BCE. It has many entrances and exits. When your keeper comes to give you food and train you, you attack and kill him. Now you have to attack.

If you attack at night go to pg.3
If you attack in the day go to pg.2

Spartacus leads you and the rest of his army to attack in the middle of the day. The romans saw them and got they’re army to fight. Spartacus was killed immediately and his army was taken back into slavery. No patroins were killed. No slaves revolted after that.

You use your months in training and your mastery in your weapon to go out during the night and kill patricians. On the way Spartacus recruits the slaves that the patrions owned to fight in the army. Soon there are over 6000 new recruits. You go on only attacking in the night and only killing patrions. Of Corse the romans never found out about the ambushes until daylight.

Once the roman senate found out what that Spartacus an...

... middle of paper ...

...that the revolt because other slaves to revolt. Some even say that that’s why the romans are so mad. Others say they are mad because they saw the army as a threat.

Not too far from the end of the road most of your friends are crucified. By this point you beg but you know it’s pointless. Romans showed no mercy for any rebelling slaves. You get crucified anyway, but you never regret fighting for your freedom.


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