The Giving Tree a Son Written by Tim Lopez: Giving and Receiving Love Essay

The Giving Tree a Son Written by Tim Lopez: Giving and Receiving Love Essay

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The lyrics of Tim Lopez of Plain White T's song, The Giving Tree, hits home for many who have been in a relationship and gave them there all without receiving it back. The song relates to many people in relationships or even friendships. The relation to the song can range from a variety of ages and sexes. Someone can only put so much into a relationship with receiving little to nothing back, until they finally break down and walk away. Tim Lopez was inspired by a children's book by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree, which was about a relationship between a boy and a tree. Tim Lopez wrote this song about his one-way relationship where he gave it his all with little to nothing in return.

I can personally relate this song to my past relationship with a guy of 2 years. We had many rough patches while we were together. There were things in the relationship that I can never erase; yet I feel as though I will never fully let him go. He's still trying so hard to get me back and I'm taking advantage of it. I get many mixed emotions about him and the thought of starting up the relationship again. The hardest part is that he's the only person I truly feel I can completely be myself around. Yet, I fear that it will start right back where it ended. All he wants to be is my giving tree and make me happy.

Just like in the song, I find myself trying to move on, but I end up feeling hollow and crawling back to him. I know my fear and mixed emotions are draining him of everything he has. This song hits home for me in so many ways and makes me feel horrible. I don't purposely want to cause pain to anyone, especially not to someone I care about. He is so certain about what he wants, but our past is holding me back from knowing what I want. I do...

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...eturn. I relate to this song from a past relationship where I gave little to nothing back in return. This song is an inspiration to me, and I love the story behind the story. Tim had two inspirations in writing this song, from the book itself and a past relationship of his own. Tim Lopez and his band The Plain White T’s have produced many albums, and they’re an astounding band. Every one of all ages and genders can relate to this song.

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