Giving Birth Control Devices to Children

Giving Birth Control Devices to Children

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Society’s are in denial about sex and the effect it has on our children. Children are having sex as young as age ten. Discussing the consequences involved with sex should start at home. Sex education should also be allowed in our elementary schools. This will allow for the children to receive some form of education, if they have parents who will not or do not discuss sex education at home. Prevention between students and nurses could prove harmful. Now, we have to leave an avenue open where children have a comfort level.
School nurses are often the first to discover pregnancies and the sexual activity of the students. A nurse is not likely to overreact and make the child feel uncomfortable, ashamed, or guilty. Roughly 30% of the country's 1,700 school health clinics offer some form of contraception, but condoms are far more common than prescription contraception (Nancy Gibbs). Today children can get birth control without parental consent. Many states fall under state laws protecting patient privacy. When should the parent be notified? Where are children finding the want to engage in sexual behavior at such young ages? Finally, we have to find a way to educate our children about sex, sexual transmitted diseases, remaining abstinence and pregnancy. This should start at home.
A parent should be the first to educate their child. They are more familiar with their behavior and more likely to give truthful facts, risks, and consequences involved with having sex too early. Moreover, they can also judge how receptive their children will be and how they should start with the conversation. Secondly, parents informing their children about the facts are important because the complexities of sexually transmitted diseases have evolved, with all the myths about cures parents should be responsible for ensuring their children are receiving correct information. Another way parents can tell their children would be to teach them about abstinence. Abstinence is often overlooked and a stern approach may do the job. Despite all the resources, if the children are already actively involved in sexual activity, birth control options should be discussed.

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If sexually active providing birth control is both responsible and necessary. If parents are not involved with their children during this process they will have no say in what type of birth control is provided to their children. This is important because the side effects vary and can result in death. Also if the proper guidance is not provided the outcome could lead to pregnancy, or the danger of contracting several sexual transmitted diseases.
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