Give And Receive Constructive Creative Criticism Essay

Give And Receive Constructive Creative Criticism Essay

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Here are a few suggestions on how to give and receive constructive creative criticism:

• I was a member of Toastmasters for a brief time and one of the things they teach you when giving someone feedback on a speech is to bookend your feedback with positive feedback: PIP - Positive feedback - Improvements needs - Positive feedback. This allows you to end on a high note.
• Another Toastmasters tip is that you focus on the situation never the person. Never tell someone they are boring. For example, explaining how they could tighten up their speech to make a more dynamic presentation would be a great approach. Telling the person, they were boring is not appropriate.
• If you offer creative criticism you need to always offer ways to improve what you have just criticized.

• Actively listen. Don’t interrupt while someone is trying to offer feedback to help you grow and better yourself. You need to actively listen and absorb and process what they are saying. Take notes if needed. Ask questions to confirm what was said and suggested.
• If you didn’t understand a point they were making, ask them to clarify it for you. “Can you tell me exactly what you meant when you said … ?” And there is nothing wrong with being child-like and asking, “Why?” “Why?” “Why?”
• Refer back to your dreams and SMARTER goals to see how this new information can be applied and how it might change what you are doing. How it could impact your approach. If they made a great suggestion and something you are doing needs to be altered, change. Don’t wait. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments. It is always easier to make changes sooner than later.

How To Create A Positive Attitude
The world can be a difficult place with plenty of people waiting to ...

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...s timing, nothing will be a second late, and everything is always in the proper order if we just remain focused.
5. Happy people are natural energy boosters. They tend to work stronger and speak more confident over themselves and others; happiness gives you the extra push to go the extra mile that might be needed to accomplish your goal.
6. Happy people tend to be more creative and productive because they are more open-minded. They say, ‘What if…”, and “Yes!” more often to creative ideas. They don’t firehose outside ideas, they use them as springboards and building blocks.
7. Happy people are more likable because a positive attitude attracts like a magnet. People like being around positive people with upbeat attitudes. And what makes them happy likable people: they tend to listen well, accept other as they are and find ways to be reasonable and helpful with others.

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