Essay about Girls Playing Youth Sports Competition

Essay about Girls Playing Youth Sports Competition

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Young Girls Playing Youth Sports Dominated by Boys
Youth sports are typically part of every American boy and girl’s young life. Some Americans tend to believe girls should play on youth sports team with other girls and play sports that are more typical of girls’ sports; examples may include softball, volleyball and tennis. Furthermore, they also believe boys should play on teams with other boys that typically may include sports such as football and baseball. Essentially, some people tend to believe girls should never be allowed to play on the same team as boys. While some believe that different genders should not mix in sports, I believe that girls should be allowed to perform and compete in sports that are typically dominated by boys, because physically before puberty girls can play at the same level of their same aged male peers, girls playing youth sports dominated by boys will teach girls how to build strong relationships with the opposite sex, and girls playing sports with boys promotes feelings of gender equality as girls grow into young woman and boys to young men.
One point of view argues that girls should not play sports with boys and it is just that simple, primarily for safety, physical and social reasons. As described by Greer girls should not play with boys, “Plain and simple, females are the weaker vessels of the two sexes. It 's not degrading. It 's not an insult. It 's a fact of life” (Greer). According to this view, girls should not compete with boys in sports or play on their teams. In regards to the social aspects the article in Livestrong, by Barbie Carpenter depicts the following, “From a social perspective, they might fear failing in front of girls who they like socially. Girls, on the other hand, might be mo...

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...y basis. Youth sports can help pave the road to equality. After all, ultimately what is at stake here is greater equality for men and woman. By teaching our youth early in life that girls can play sports with the boys we are providing early opportunities to teacher our youth the importance of equality. After all, young girls are physically on a level playing field as boys prior to puberty. In addition, gender blending in sports promotes opportunities for boys and girls to build strong relationships early in life that will carry over into their adult lives. Youth sports have the opportunity to be the building blocks for gender equality. Bottom line, the youth of today are our adults of tomorrow and in some cases these adults may one day be the leaders of our country. Hopefully, our leaders will have learned the lesson of equality at an early age through youth sports.

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