Girls Is The Best Or Most Popular Essay

Girls Is The Best Or Most Popular Essay

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In every high school movie, girls are pinned against each other in a battle to be the most popular, to be “the prom queen.” In a way this is very true to adult women, they never competing to be the best or most popular “person,” they compete to be the best or the most popular “girl.” In the theater industry, we see women compete against each other for the lead roles, because in many plays and musicals there is a plethora of male characters unfortunately this is not the case for women; females are forced to fight for one lead role forcing them to become catty and gossipy. Fighting eachother, and talking behind some ones back to put someone down so they can steal the lead role. This happens because Parents force there littler girls in to “toddler in tiara” and other types of children, teenage beauty pageant. Even as little girls they are raise in the world of competition. This misfortune is not placed on young men, boy are brought up to play as a team; parent Encourage their male children to play football, soccer and basketball; activity that teaches them to work as a group to achieve a common goal. They are raise to pick eachother up not bring eachother down. As these little girls grow up this competition turns worse. Statistically more young women cyber bully than young men. The reason bullies, well bully is because they have a lack of attention from Peers so they bully other to feel popular and seen as ‘tough’ or ‘cool’ and also because they feel threated by the person of whom they are bulling. Even though some men do bully the main percentage of offenders are female because they are raised to fight against the instead of fight for the common enemy or team.

The women in “The Women” compete to be the be...

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...em. The way this generation and ever one before them were taught to look the part of the beauty queen and step on every other girl who gets in your way so that you can intern find the best mate. Instead of following the mother and grandmother of the past try something new with your children. Tell your little girls to play sports, so they can learn to work as a team to achieve a common goal, instead of competing against one another, stop parading them around in beauty pageant contributing to the stereotypical definition of beauty and tell them that they are beautiful just the way they are, and tell them they don’t have find love in a man all the time they can find love in life. If this generation rights the wrongs of the past they should be able turn the tides around for women. Staying where we are will not help us succeeded it will only contribute to our down fall.

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