Essay on Girls at War, and Other Stories

Essay on Girls at War, and Other Stories

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In the book, Girls at War, and Other Stories, Chinua Achebe write several stories in which he portrays different examples of Nigerian customs, experiences and beliefs. He make a contrast between what are tradditional Nigerian customs and the view in modern Nigerian society. Also war is another topic that Achebe presents in the story “girls at war”.Without any doubt, the use of irony is widely use in all of his stories. The audience can clearly see the use of this theme in each of the characters actions and experiences. Making emphasis on good things happening to the ones that don’t deserve it and viceversa.
The book starts with the strory “The Madman” as the name well says it deals with a men who is mentally disable who stoles the main’s carácter clothes. Nwibe was consider an everyday man with a good reputation who’s major wish was to join to the “community of title men in his town” (pg 12) . One of the major irony’s portrayed in the story was when Nwibe lost his sanity and started chasing the mandmen when he realised that his clothes were taken away. At this instance Nwibe who was considered a person of “high standing” was being seen as a insane individual by the Nigerian people. While the individal who in reality was the “madmen” was seen as a normal individal being that he was using clothes to cover him.
Moreover, it is evident that the autor wanted to make an emphasis of irony at the time when Nwibe stayed naked while the madman was able to find a pair of pants through the main character. This can be interpreted as the madman acquired what was important for him at that instance while Nwibe lost everything what was important for him. The irony of how a moment of desperation and frustation lead a men’s destruction and per...

... middle of paper ...

...uch like in the life of Nwibe. In addition to this collection of stories “Marriage as a private affair” evidently provides many examples of irony. One of most evident example is the title. As mentioned before marriage is a compromise between two individuals while an affair would have to mean bringing a third individual into the relationship. This is when the irony takes place because affair does not fall in that context. Also adding to this theme, “Girls at War” is a tragic and interesting story which mains focus relies in many examples related to irony. In my opinion, one of the most noticable example of the them is when it take a long time for this two main characters to develop a bond, and only one second to end with such a tragic ending such like dead.

Work Cited
Achebe, Chinua. Girls at War, and Other Stories. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1973. Print.

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