The Girl With Depression And Depression Essay

The Girl With Depression And Depression Essay

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There once was a girl who lived a happy life until the age of thirteen. Everything changed that day because that 's when her mother started emotionally, mentally, and verbally abusing her. The girl wanted nothing more than to be loved by her mother but that was not the case. Her mother thought that she was nothing than a worthless piece of garbage on the street. Every day the girl 's mom had something negative to say to the girl whether it was that she was stupid, worthless, or even someone who nobody wanted around. Every day the girl wished to be accepted by her mother, but she knew deep down that would never happen. The girl battled anxiety and depression disorder caused by her mother 's years of torture and abusive ways. The girl was on the verge of suicide her second semester of college. Her mother kicked her out if the house for almost a month and the girl finally had a sense of sanity but had to return home. Her mother promised to change her abusive ways but did not. Her mother never takes responsibility for her actions. With the girl battling anxiety and depression disorder she thought that her mother would care, but she never does.
Most of my memories were of a loud angry household. My most vivid childhood memories were of my mother screaming at me, calling me names, and putting me down. Occasionally, she would spank me. When she did, she would be so angry that she would lose control. When she would get angry with me, she would yell and call me names, purposely being hurtful. My childhood is filled with many memories. As long as I can remember my mother has been angry or depressed. Her temper was frequent and frightening and then the next day, we just “moved on”. My mother has never ever apologized for any wrongdoing on he...

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...fear and uncertainty. On my darker days, I still feel that twinge of envy. Today I speak to my mother only sometimes, and never in any great depth. There 's nothing below the surface that would be pleasant to explore.
Through a lot of struggle and experimentation I 've managed to mostly fill the space left behind by my relationship with her. I recognize the demons that drove her to a place of instability and anger because they rear their heads in my own life, and I must struggle every day not to go down that same path. It would be all too easy to become like her because the first picture, I saw of adult womanhood is the broken one she showed me. It scares me. I worry every day that I might be doomed to repeat her mistakes, and that I 'll end up just as unfulfilled and isolated as I grow older. I realize now that she was wrong, that I deserve better than she gave me.

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