Girl Scouts, Cheerleading And Riding Essay

Girl Scouts, Cheerleading And Riding Essay

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For this paper I interviewed Christine. She is the mother of Megan, who is a nine-year-old girl in the third grade at Steere Farm Elementary school. Megan enjoys spending time with her family and her pets. Megan is also involved in girl scouts, cheerleading and horseback riding. Megan was diagnosed with avoidant and restrictive food intake disorder and anxiety in two thousand fourteen at the age of seven.
Megan was born four weeks premature on March 20, 2007 and weighed five pounds, five ounces and appeared very healthy. She began to feed right away and things were going well. When Megan turned two months old she was drinking four ounces of formula, but would often spit up her feedings. After a period of time of this happening the pediatrician decided to try several different formulas, but Megan would often spit them up and cry during her feedings. Ultimately, she ended up on a soy based thinner formula and appeared to tolerate it the best. The pediatrician thought that Megan could be lactose intolerant since she was tolerating this soy based formula the best. As Megan got older she appeared to be gaining weight at a slower rate, but her height was always within a normal range for her age. As most babies at the age of four or five months would begin to increase the amount of formula they drink, Megan was still only taking about four ounces. Christine stated that she began to try baby food with Megan around six months of age, but Megan was not tolerating it very well. Although not uncommon, Megan would often spit out certain kinds like peas, green beans and squash. Megan did like the carrots and sweet potatoes so much, that by the age of 12 months she began to get an orangey hue to her skin color. The pediatrician advised Christ...

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...ment, services and therapies. Her hopes for Megan is to grow into a vibrant young woman who will be able to overcome any obstacle that comes her way. As the writer of this paper, I’ve known Megan her whole life and thought it was inconceivable that a child could be born with an eating disorder. I’ve witnessed firsthand the struggle that Megan has with food, and I’ve seen the heartache the family has for Megan, and her struggles. My hopes are that my presentation on this topic and the knowledge I’ve learned, will bring an awareness to people, that some children are not just picky eaters. I believe we should take picky eating more seriously and educate families with children on different techniques and strategies on picky eating. And that YES!! It can have an impact on their child’s early and later development and then their academics once they enter school.

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