The Girl On The Train By Paula Hawkins Essay examples

The Girl On The Train By Paula Hawkins Essay examples

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Many believe that all females are in support of feminist theory because it is the idea of all women being treated equally to men. Often males are blamed for the dividing line between the two genders because males are considered superior but a problem cannot be blamed on an entire gender since not all females are feminists. Females often complain of not being treated equally and respectively by males but are hypocrites because they are allowing themselves to be the victims of their complaints, In The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins the female characters are not followers of feminism because they allow themselves to be taken advantage of and submissive to the male characters. The lack of control the females have reveals how many females of today 's society allow males to dominate which is significant because many females are unknowingly not in support of feminist theory and are allowing themselves to be overpowered by males.

Insecure females give males an unspoken control on how they perceive and feel about themselves. Rachel Watson, a recently divorced alcoholic, continuously views herself as unattractive and unpleasant because of her unfaithful ex husband Tom Watson. As Rachel aimlessly rides the train with a bottle a wine as a distraction from depression and divorce, she analyzes a random man on the train and when he glances at her Rachel thinks “he finds me distasteful” (Hawkins 10 ). The man most likely did not feel that way but this reflects how Rachel interprets how males view her because of Tom being disinterested in her while married. Although Tom was a poor husband due to his affair and compulsive lying, Rachel has the control to not allow his repugnant behavior define who she is yet perpetually sulks and cause probl...

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...ociety, she is only lying to herself and is giving males the opportunity to take advantage of her.

Being a follower of feminism does not just mean a female has lots of sex or is manly, it means a female believes in herself and does not need the reassurance from anybody else. Rachel Watson and Megan Hipwell are both not followers of feminists because of their inability to not perceive themselves as worthy without a male 's guidance. Rachel views herself as unattractive and hopeless because she is unable to get over the fact that Tom made it clear she was not good enough. Megan views herself as boring but wants to be fun and gets a thrill out of cheating on her husband. Both the females represent the many females in society let themselves be taken advantage of by men. Hawkin’s reveals the significance of the inequality of females and males can be the female 's fault.

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