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The Girl On Chinas Lost Girls Essay

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a. When watching the girl on Chinas Lost girls it made me see how fortunate we really are. When we are born in American, whether it being a male or a female we are praised and celebrated with joy. In China that is not always the case. The males are highly celebrated and the females are not so much. When i look in my book and watch the movie a good term that goes with this documentary is Dominant Culture. Which is the culture held by the majority and/or by the most powerful group in a society. I say this because in China all they want to have are males and not females. If you go to an adoption agency and look at the males compared to the females you will see that it is mostly females. The reason for this is because in China they feel like if they do not have a male as a kid then their family name will not be carried on. That is true buy i don 't think it has to come to giving up all the girls to adoption. It is still your child and you should love it and raise it just like it is a male. The law for only having one child really made this adoption thing come about. In the documentary it told us that if a couple had a female they would do anything to get rid of it. Sometimes it would not be very nice ways. They would leave the child in a park or even throw it in to a dumpster for someone to find. That is very cruel to do to a baby. // 314//

b. When you watch the movie and see how the Chinese girls are doing now it makes you feel good. It makes you feel as if it was almost better for them to be adopted from people in the United States. Not saying its better to be raised here in the States but it is better for them to be raised by people that love her and want her to be great in life. A term that comes to ...

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...y could not get a female. No reason to do that.

A. Conflict- A form of social interaction involving direct struggle between individuals or groups over commonly valued resources or goals. Differs from competition because individuals are more interested in defeating an opponent than in achieving a goal.

B. Cultural revolution The repudiation of many existing cultural elements and the substitution of new ones

C. Double standard A set of social norms that allows males greater freedom of sexual expression, particularly before marriage, than females.

a. Chinese Families Value_____.
A. Males
B. Females

B. What percent of the babies adopted in the US are from China?

A. 50
B. 25 percent
C. 30 Percent

C. What ratio of people in the world live in china?
A. 1:5
B. 1:3
c. 2:3

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