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Girl Meets World : Movie Review Essay example

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I came home early on Friday, September 25th and decided to watch some television in the living room in order to unwind. Since most of my family was in different rooms, I ended up watching the Disney Channel domestic sitcom, Girl Meets World, by myself on the living room television set. Girl Meets World is a sequel made by Disney Channel to the popular 90’s domestic sitcom, Boy Meets World. The show focuses on Riley Matthews, the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews, the couple from Boy Meets World, as she makes her way through middle school and focuses on her adventures, hardship and her life as a teenager. As is the case in a domestic sitcom, the show usually focuses on the importance of family and friendship and other domestic values. This episode, “Girl Meets Rileytown,” focuses on Riley Matthew’s struggle with a cyberbully. I singled out this episode because of the unique way that the episode plot used the limited third person narrative and direct address to maximize the impact of this episode.
When the program begins, the viewer watches the opening scene as Riley’s best friend Maya, tries to get her to go to school. As the scene progresses, Maya resorts to playfully teasing Riley and invokes the word, “Rileytown.” Upon hearing that word, Riley begins to yell at Maya, leaving the viewer and Maya to wonder about the reason behind Riley’s outburst. The rest of the episode is dedicated to finding the reason behind Riley’s outburst. Since the show is told in the third person, the viewer finds out the reason behind Riley’s outbursts at Maya, at the same time Maya does. The limited third person narrative structure of the episode does a great job in portraying the fear and anxiety of having a cyberbully, by not having Riley outrigh...

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...equences. Through the direct address, the show does a great job at reminding viewers that cyberbullying is a real problem and that behind the screen and anonymity is a real person with feelings.
“Girl Meets Rileytown” is a great episode. It’s an extremely emotional episode that is heightened by the show’s unconventional usage of third-person limited narrative structure and its overt use of direct address to demonstrate the effects of cyberbullying from an individual perspective. Overall, I really like this episode because it takes a heavy topic, like cyberbullying and makes it relatable to people of all ages. As a domestic sitcom, the show has an emotional core that resonates with me, especially with its emphasis on family and friendship. This emotional core is the main reason I like Girl Meets World, and the reason I will continue to watch episodes from this series.

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