Giovanni 's Room : A Story About A Guy Essay

Giovanni 's Room : A Story About A Guy Essay

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The book Giovanni’s room was a story about a guy (man) named David and his life struggles. David went through most of his life without being able to admit to himself or to anyone else that he was gay. Throughout the whole book things kept coming up in his life that show he’s in love with men but he doesn’t admit it. David had experiences that started as a teenager going through his adult hood years with men. David always found ways to convince himself he was in love with girls or attracted to them.
David growing up as a child lived in a house where there was no love shown or caring relationships. He grew up not knowing what good relationships looked like or felt like. David did not think too highly of his dad or aunt and always had to rely on himself for things. His mother passed away when he was five; the one person he could have had a loving relationship with he didn’t have the chance to. Instead of having positive and loving memories with her, he now had nightmares about her almost every night “I scarcely remember her at all, yet she figured in my nightmares” (pg 10). As a child David had a friend named Joey who he hung out with a lot. One night something happened between these two and David convinced himself that what he did was wrong. He wasn’t use to relationships like that and especially not from his guy friends, was was in shock. David nor Joey had never felt what they felt that night “I know that I felt something- as we were horsing around in that small, steamy room, stinging each other with wet towels-which I had never felt before” (pg 6). He kept telling himself that that wasn’t him and it was just a mistake, when in reality it was the start of his life. “But, above all, I was suddenly afraid. It was bor...

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...n’t have many positives memories in these homes. He had memories of his mom passing, his dad and aunt fighting and him sleeping with his friend Joey. None of these memories helped him find a place where he felt comfortable and had positive memories while growing up. He then moved to Paris hoping to start over and get away from the bad memories. Yet he only formed more bad memories in Paris which made him then move to the southern part of France. David never found a place to call home. His closest thing to home would have been Giovanni’s room which slowly turned into bad memories for him.
After all the different things David went through in his life, he finally admitted to being gay. It took all those years of running from the fact that he was into guys just to find out he really was. He had convinced himself that being gay wasn’t okay and wasn’t who he was.

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