The Gini Coefficient Measures The Level Of Economic Equality And Social Mobility

The Gini Coefficient Measures The Level Of Economic Equality And Social Mobility

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This high income gap, in turn, has dismissed original promises of a harmonious society that is otherwise believed to still exist. According to a study produced by The World Bank, “China pursued a ‘harmonious society’ policy agenda that emphasized equitable growth. (Sinclar 1)” Such was has been slowly obtained through national governmental action, and no doubt has helped in some respects due to low population growth, but unremitting efforts have remained outside a majority of the rural communities and stifled such efforts (Xuehui 3). The Gini coefficient report measures the level of economic equality and social mobility that a country experiences, with a zero representing absolute equality and a one representing devastating inequality (Sutter). According to the Gini coefficient gathered by the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, the Gini coefficient of China has remained at approximately 0.47 and 0.49 during the recent decades (Sicular 1). Because the United Nations establishes 0.4 as the hazardous threshold of detrimental inequality levels, the average Chinese coefficient of 0.48 is an inferior ratio that demonstrates the lack of economic and social equality within China, the large and continually expanding income gap between the extreme rich and the working classes, and the inability for the majority of Chinese citizens to benefit from the rapid economic growth that the country has been accumulating in the recent decades (Rapoza). Thus, the Gini coefficient ratio of China indicates that China is suffering from a dramatic income inequality problem that contradicts the goal of a harmonious society, where many rural citizens still struggle to ascertain professional opportunities or obtain financial stability.
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...ely to engage in criminal activities that promote the recognition of social inequality or to acquire money to support their families. Lastly, strong income changes would gradually diminish the excessive levels of political corruption that accompany the Chinese political system, created by unequal distribution of resources that increases the ability of extremely wealthy individuals and companies to influence the policies that are developed and implemented by the government. As a result, the government must equip rural communities with increased resources and opportunities, for the detrimental income gap renders the entire country vulnerable to suffer from severe economic, social and political problems (Xuehui 13-42). In the future, these solutions would not only benefit the citizens of China, but would also strengthen their relationship with the government as a whole.

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