Gingerbread: A Short Story Essay

Gingerbread: A Short Story Essay

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This is not appropriate.

“I got you extra chocolate chips. Food n’ Stuff had a special.”

Really, while the molestation of my ears is almost pleasing, you are not the person, and now is not the time.

“ Oh thank you Elliot! Looks like some celebration chocolate chip cookies are in order. If you stick around you may get a taste.”

“ I would love to Mrs. Lin but I got a game of soccer scheduled.”

You give me no choice Private. Evasive maneuver squirm in effect.

“ Then you better get outside, losing sunlight these days.”

Finally Private loosens his inappropriately timed show of affection. Walking past Lieutenant Lin I press my tail to her leg to let her know I have recovered fully.

Once in the window room I make my way to the best place for viewing the despicable and personally despised squirrels. I see from the corner of my eye Private running to join another small warrior in a game of chasing ball. I was always more fond of the solitary game of yarn on my personal time. Running behind him is a flash of the monster; blurred gray. Damn squirrels have been there since I got here back in 0’9.

I would have continued my scouting if not for the dinging sound from the food room. I join Lieutenant Lin who is moving various things around. I leap to a gray furnished stool.

The thing about furnishing stools is how comfortable they are, and how the room was slightly warm and smelled strong of whatever Lieutenant Lin was making, and how I had already been awake for an hour. Sleep was necessary and unavoidable.

After a nap I went though the movements. Stretch, yawn, and look around. Unidentified objects spotted.

Lieutenant Lin what is this?

“Oh stop your noise dinner is not for an hour.”

I will investigate if y...

... middle of paper ... could cause these problems. It was gray, small, and with a ridiculous tail. I have to avenge the loss of Lieutenant Lin, get ready troops because I am no longer playing.

The strange people moved more things, but my mind was racing to create a plan of equally awful retaliation. If I had not been so preoccupied I might have been able to get away. Before I could resist Private had me in the carrier. Again.

Insult to injury I seemed to be defeated. Inside I was tossed about out of my home. At my lowest moment I snapped. The noise of my claws against plastic and metal rang in my ears, my howling filling my heart with sorrow. Private clearly disturbed by horrible defeated pries opened my chains. I run. I run and the air is cold and I am scared.

Private, where is Lieutenant Lin?

“Gingerbread you have to go with me now.”

I have to go with Private now.

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