Gillette 's Advertisement For Gillette Essay

Gillette 's Advertisement For Gillette Essay

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Essence magazine released this advertisement for Gillette, one of the best-known razor brands on the market. Most people know of Gillette razors, whether they are men or women. But, this ad is directed specifically to men. It depicts a woman staring at a man, who is holding a picture of another man in front of his face. Stretched over the picture are the bolded and capitalized words “Give Him the Gift of Celebrity Style”, which can lead readers to assume that the man is a celebrity. Moreover, this ad suggests that the man that uses Gillette men’s razors has the classic sophistication of an old-time celebrity, and that he attracts women like the one in the picture. The photo evokes an overall feeling of sophistication and class.
The color-scheme of this advertisement is dull and neutral. The main colors are beige tones, navy blue, white and red, which are very classic colors. Therefore, giving readers a simplistic vintage feeling, reflecting an early 1900’s theme. The man in the picture stands out against the color of the beige walls by wearing navy blue, a primary color, which establishes him as the main subject of the photo. On the other hand, the women next to him is wearing a dull red, another primary color, which compliments the man’s attire without dominating the photo. These two colors next to each other also suggest that the two people are a couple, because red and blue are two primary colors that are generally associated with one another. The colors used in the photo do a good job of setting the mood and drawing the eye to the subject of the advertisement; and drawing conclusions on where the picture is set, and the relationship between the man and woman.
The two people in the photo appear to be in an old-fashioned style ...

... middle of paper ... and dressed down than the man in the navy blue. The man on the magazine is wearing a hat, and what looks like a casual sweater, while the man holding the magazine is wearing dress pants and a nice, formfitting sweater. The magazine picture can be used as a before photo of the man in navy blue. The man wearing the navy blue outfit was more casual with his attire before he shaved with Gillette razors. Once he used them, his lifestyle improved and he began dressing better and carrying himself in a more sophisticated way. The women next to him is shown looking at him from behind the magazine, which then shows that his shaven appearance is more attractive to her, as opposed to the magazine picture of the unshaven man.
This photo is full of content designed to attract readers to the man, and want to be like him. The overall feeling one gets from looking at the picture

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